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Personality Development

VVM strongly believes that the Education is incomplete without correct attitude hence the school provides a personality development centre where students are imparted training on improving personality development skills like talking, body language, etiquette and listening. We lay emphasis on developing effective communication skills, from the pre-primary classes onwards.

The methodology consists of many interactive sessions conducted in the Language Laboratory where the child communicate and interact themselves with their friends in English. Children are introduced to a variety of social and familiar situations and motivated to react. They are then guided towards the right directions and conclusions. Growing girls and boys are thus expected to develop the right kind of attitude with good communication skills to become complete and good human.

It is important that a child steps out of the world of books and becomes a smart and a confident individual. The school aims to provide personality development classes and make the child achieve their goals as they move to higher grades and eventually seek suitable careers. Manners and etiquettes will be taught everyday and not just be part of one special class. The students will be taught to communicate effectively to meet their needs. We have also introduced Meditation and yoga classes from the kindergarten level it will help improve the communication skills of the child.

VVM provides:

Technology based interaction between teachers and children, so that students get a chance to polish their English speaking skills.

Language lab provides essential tools and techniques, dictionaries, thesaurus, audio-visual support along with other interactive activities, a great learning environment is created in the laboratory for the students.