Guided To Parents >> School Timings : For KG: 8.50 am To 1.00 pm , For Primary: 8.50 am to 4.00 pm , For Secondary and Senior Secondary: 8.50 am to 4.00 pm.

Tips for Success

  • Be God fearing. He will help you.
  • Never waste time. Time is precious. Use it well.
  • Do your lessons daily.
  • Eat at regular hours. Have a proper breakfast. Avoid junk food.
  • Take part in games. Recreation serves to refresh your mind and gives you new energy for study.
  • Look, Say and Write method: First read through the lesson silently, concentrating on the content of the lesson, to improve your visual memory. Next, either read the lesson aloud or answer questions, based on the lesson, orally, to improve your motor memory. Finally, open the book and check your answer immediately, rectifying the errors soon after, through repeated written work. Revise one or two lessons at a time and reinforce your learning through this system.
  • Don't get addicted to the T.V. and computers, instead develop extensive reading habits.

You Learn What You Live With

  • If a child lives with criticism, HE LEARNS TO CONDEMN
  • If a child lives with hostility, HE LEARNS TO FIGHT
  • If a child lives with ridicule, HE LEARNS TO BE SHY
  • If a child lives with jealousy, HE LEARNS TO FEEL GUILTY
  • If a child lives with tolerance, HE LEARNS TO BE PATIENT
  • If a child lives with encouragement, HE LEARNS TO BE CONFIDENT
  • If a child lives with praise, HE LEARNS TO APPRECIATE
  • If a child lives with fairness, HE LEARNS JUSTICE
  • If a child lives with security, HE LEARNS TO HAVE FAITH
  • If a child lives with approval, HE LEARNS TO LIKE HIMSELF
  • If a child lives with acceptance and friendship, HE LEARNS TO FIND LOVE IN THE WORLD